Al's Elephant Ride. ( The One That Started It All)!

Here it is. The video which inspired me to create a You Tube Channel.

Raccoon Capitals of Brooklyn? Park Slope / Windsor Terrace (Part 2)

See the rare "Brown" Raccoon shown here searching for a midnight snack.

The Highest Elevation in Brooklyn and Site of Revolutionary War Battle with George Washington.

The highest elevation in all of Brooklyn and the site of one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War.

Hidden Messages And Symbols Inside Popular Logos

I describe some popular logos and the hidden messages and symbols inside of them.

Staten Island Mall Carnival. Part 2. Exclusive Access. Pre - Opening!

The good folks at Reithhoffer give me exclusive pre access to the Carnival one day before opening.

A Brooklyn Outdoor Garden Railroad. (Part 1).

I describe my friend's outdoor railroad in his Brooklyn yard.

A Brooklyn Outdoor Garden Railroad. (Part 2).

I visit a good friend who is a retired conductor and this is what he has in his backyard.

My channel description for Kindred Souls of Brooklyn.

I describe my new you tube channel.

Staten Island Carousel at Willowbrook Park.

I show the carousel and give a brief history on it.

Raccoon Capitals of Brooklyn? Park Slope / Windsor Terrace (Part 1).

I officially dub these two beautiful neighborhoods "Raccoon Capitals" of Brooklyn due to a high number of sightings.

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